Site Lightning

As a specialist in site lighting maintenance and repairs, Vision delivers efficient, cost-effective services. From professional electricians experienced in site lighting service to our unique database tracking system, our clients rely on Vision to keep the lights on. With Vision handling your site lighting, you’ll have access to a comprehensive plan for managing maintenance and repairs…

Site Survey

A complete inspection of your site on our first call includes counting poles and noting style, type, voltage, lamps, switch locations and more, for our database records. With this information on hand, response to future calls is faster and more efficient.

Inventory Control

Our automatic inventory method guarantees our trucks are fully stocked every day, carrying the most commonly used lamps and ballasts.

Client-Focused pricing

Choose from Vision’s annual fee contract plan for priority service and reduced rates or flat-rate custom unit pricing based on cost of services.

Associated Services

State-of-the-art equipment locates broken underground cabling to save time and money, and a full service electrical company backs up our sight lighting services.

General Services

Businesses today depend on more electrically powered equipment than ever before. From computer centers to hospital radiology units, our clients rely on Vision to keep the power flowing. With Vision as your electrical contractor, you’ll have access to this complete range of services…


Determine equipment required, reroute and reconfigure for new systems


Diagnosis, repair or replacement of anything that supplies power


Complete installation services to support new electrical equipment

Lighting Analysis

Assess current lighting performance for retrofitting

Preventative Maintenance

Exclusive maintenance program designed to reduce downtime and expensive emergency repair


Supply, install and terminate telephone and data cable

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